Get Lost With Atlas Engine’s New Song, ‘This is The Place’ [Premiere]

July 13, 2016 Comments Off on Get Lost With Atlas Engine’s New Song, ‘This is The Place’ [Premiere]

Everyone wants to run away at some point. Whether it be from a hometown, an undesirable situation or maybe you’re just getting good old-fashioned mugged. But the desire to run away, and by extension the yearning for some mysterious “other,” is a ubiquitous facet of the human experience. “This is The Place,” the newest song by Brooklyn act Atlas Engine, taps into that yearning. Its gradual rise in energy and spacious sound give a feeling of forward motion to the song, and references to a great escape invoke a feeling of transience, of pushing towards something else. This feeling appears in direct contrast to the song’s title, a call to the almost desperately sung lyrics at the end of the chorus: “If you’re looking for signs, this is the place.”

As we approach the peak point of our summers, that feeling is more relatable than ever. We all want some sort of change or break, a removal from our daily lives. Unfortunately, for those of us who don’t have a lot of expendable cash or a mutable schedule, it has to be attained in miniaturized ways. We have to give ourselves a little vacation whenever we can. Luckily, with its rolling, adventurous vibe, “This is The Place” has the capacity to be one. So put your headphones on or plug in your speakers, close your eyes and pretend you’re anywhere but here.

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