Gabriella Cohen’s Offers ‘Downtown’ as a Slow Burning Love Ballad [Video]

Besides fab bands such as the very popular Tame Impala, and the lesser-known, though equally incredible group, Good Morning, Australia has yet another musician to add to their brag-worthy list of talent. Gabriella Cohen, one half of Brisbane band, The Furrshas created an orchestral, psychedelic vibe, modernizing past musical themes on her own terms.

“Downtown” is one of twelve songs featured on her album, Full Closure and No Details, and is a slow, annunciated verbal illustration of the anxieties that come along with being in love. When Cohen begins, despite being accompanied by a soft, melodic choral backing, her words seem to stand alone, sounding as if they exist in a chamber. The beauty of this chamber-like feeling brings forth ideas of the mind, and the ways in which lines such as “please don’t ever let me down again / ’cause I don’t know what I’d do” may enter into our own thoughts.

Half speaking and half singing, she draws out her words with relish, reminiscent of poetic musicians like Lou Reed or Leonard Cohen. Taking great care in her choice of words, Gabriella Cohen’s approach to language is equal parts thoughtful and rough, as she enlivens her lyrics with an unashamed confidence of one’s own rambling inner monologue. Touching on very human, insecure worries we can’t help but develop in our heads, Cohen validates our constant reflections on love and heartbreak as worthy of our time, and an important introspective exercise. In a dreamy state of psychedelic pop, the choral backing, garage guitar riffs, and Cohen’s strong, steady voice all help create a welcome space in which to indulge in our own ruminations.

Full Closure and No Details is slated for release in the U.S. via Captured Tracks on March 3. You can preorder the album here.

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