Frontier Folk Nebraska Delivers Assertive, Driven Rock & Roll with ‘Desert Car Chase’ [Premiere]

“Desert Car Chase” is Frontier Folk Nebraska’s latest release from their forthcoming live album, This One’s For the Kid in the Back: Live at the Southgate House Revival (out April 1, but you can pre-order here). An ode to classic American rock & roll, the song is unprocessed and natural — the electric guitar/snare drum combo is assertive and driven, the vocals are coarse and resilient and the lyrics are young and reckless. Mixing these elements with the instinctive and impulsive nature of the live performance, Frontier Folk Nebraska’s sound vividly captures the “history and machismo” of the genre.

The band describes the track in their own words: “‘In the most ego drenched terms [‘Desert Car Chase’] was our ‘Born to Run.’ Muscle, steel, groove and human to the core. Lofty? Of course. Isn’t that what rock and roll is all about?”

To put it all in perspective, Frontier Folk Nebraska is “not a folk band. They are not from Nebraska.” What they are is an American Rock & Roll band from Covington, KY. But while their name may seem misleading, it’s actually quite astute as it acknowledges that rock & roll’s sound, aesthetic, and lifestyle is not defined by outward appearance, but through an array of influences. And not only does Frontier Folk Nebraska’s name draw on the rock & roll style, but their music also revives the youthful energy of the genre.

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