Taken from the band’s latest release, I’m Sorry You Hit Your HeadFriend Roulette’s song “Lie” acts as the perfect canvas for a visual aid. With an incredibly interesting structure and well placed instrumental accents, the song is jarring, interesting and ripe for creative interpretation — a task given to director Duncan Bindbeutel with help from Brighid Greene, the subject of the video.

Like the song itself, the video quickly moves from exuding a pleasant, mellow atmosphere to inspiring feelings of eerie unrest (in the best way possible). As menacing bass clarinet and single percussive beats blend with Julia Tepper’s subtly cunning vocals, the video transitions from scene to scene, each one perfectly embodying the strange whimsy of the track. With almost seven minutes of audio to cover, the video transitions to an even more psychedelic scene following a brief “intermission”, so be sure to watch till the end!

To catch Friend Roulette live, and you absolutely should, head over to Shea Stadium in Bushwick tomorrow — they’ll be performing with Hippy, Spirit Plate and Lux Perpetua. In the mean time, be sure to pick up a copy of I’m Sorry You Hit Your Head here.

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