French Horn Rebellion give killer ‘Presentation’ [Stream]

Electro-dance outfit French Horn Rebellion is no stranger to Wild Honey Pie, specializing in the kind of synth-heavy funk that makes our ‘big toe shoot up in our boot’ as Little Richard would say. Their newest single, “Presentation,” is loaded with sexual innuendo and disco dappered earworms, describing the meticulous grooming that must commence before a proper night out with the object of your desire. The band reflects, “We’ve all been there. It’s rare, but it happens. You go on a first date, and you immediately fall in love. You’re lovesick, but in that moment, you don’t even know if the object of your affection is interested! What do you do? Nobody likes a ‘nice guy,’ but then again… nobody likes a creep. Conventional wisdom says you gotta walk the line between who you are, and who you want to be— your presentation is all you got.”

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