Frances Cone Explores the Familiar and the Unfamiliar in ‘Arizona’ [Stream]

Frances Cone gave us a teaser to their upcoming album, Late Riser, with the single “Arizona”, a story of self-discovery set to music. In her own words, Christina Cone, the lead singer of the Brooklyn-based band, explains that the song is about coming to terms with her brother’s sexuality in conjunction with her Southern Baptist upbringing. As such, “Arizona” embarks on the process of unlearning — a sonic journey that examines and fuses the familiar with the unfamiliar. The song peaks at the bridge, where Christina is at her breaking point (both vocally and emotionally): “I’m so sorry I couldn’t speak,” she repeats, delivering a raw and tender apology that reverberates well past the end of the song. “Arizona” is more than a story of retrospection and forgiveness. It teaches us to unlearn what we’ve been taught and to reconsider what we thought we once knew.

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