Despite having released only a limited number of tracks, the Brooklyn duo Fort Lean has managed to garner a good amount of attention for their music and strong traction for their live performance. This isn’t surprising given how catchy their two-song demo is. Blending the themes and instrumentation of beach pop with the jangly, garage feel of Brit-rock, the success of these digital tracks has given them the opportunity to play Mercury Lounge for what will be only their second live performance.

With a sound that lies somewhere between The Kooks and (a good version of) Best Coast, the two tracks on this demo exude a raw excitement that leave me craving more from this new band. “Beach Holiday” is catchy, sunny, and delightfully twitchy, capturing an entire season with a clever guitar riff and carefree lyrics. Rooted in indie rock but with British garage leanings, Fort Lean found a vibe that’s as throwback as it is contemporary.

“High Definition” is another gem. Fuzzed-out bass, guitar hooks, and drums bursting with joyful beats will leave this track at the top of your playlists for months. Kicking in with jungle drums and two-part harmony, you’ll wonder if Luke Pritchard has an American twin-brother who likes making girls mix tapes with tracks from Pet Sounds.

With some high profile shows on the horizon and this demo picking up speed as it scoots around the blogosphere, we’re sure to hear more from Fort Lean before too long.

4/21 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
5/05 – Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands

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