Forgotten Songs from Some of Our Favorite Artists

If we were to play a word association game about musicians, and I say Sublime, you would probably respond quickly with “40 oz to Freedom” or “Santeria”. If I said Eric Clapton, you may start strumming your air-guitar to the tune of “Layla” or “Tears in Heaven”. If Mary J. Blige came into question, your answer would probably steer towards “Real Love” or “Family Affair”. If I reminded you about the late Jeff Buckley your answer would immediately be “Hallelujah” – a cover that is more famous in his voice than any other. This list doesn’t have those songs. This list is full of songs that you (most likely) love, but don’t hear often enough — unless you make a point to purposefully listen to these artists and songs, you don’t usually hear them by happenstance. These are the songs that, when you hear them, you turn it up a little bit louder and exclaim, “Ooh, I forgot how much I loved this song!”


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