Flower Girl Give ‘High Fives’ in New Music Video [Video]

For some of us, the high five can be as cringe-inducing as a tie-dyed shirt. Flower Girl’s latest single, “High Fives,” then, might have quite a hill to climb — that is, if they cared what anyone thought. Following in Mac Demarco’s goofy footsteps, the accompanying video for “High Fives” takes the lo-fi approach, shooting with friends decked out in tie-dye shirts on a Brooklyn rooftop in anticipation of the upcoming summer.

Just for added fun, the band members have assumed monikers like “Snoot” on guitar and “Uncle Sal” on bass. “Nacho” sings “High Fives” with an irresistible charm that makes you want to give someone some skin — because what is a high five other than just connecting with another human being?

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