Fleurie’s “Wildwood” is a Kaleidoscopic Wonder [Stream]

We’re happy to say that Fleurie is back again with another kaleidoscopic wonder. “Wildwood” explores space, time, and love through a soothing melodic structure; but even with a song that stays within a small vocal range, Fleurie makes our imaginations scale different dimensions. “Wildwood” can be interpreted as both a song about a long love lost or the curiosity accompanying a rush of new feelings – “I’m wide eyed and it’s midnight/and all I see is you” may seem outwardly broody, but with a music video that combines video-game graphics, outer space, and neon pastel backdrops, “Wildwood” seems to encompass the latter. Yes, the song is an exploratory reckoning of emotions that grapples with ambiguity, but through Fleurie’s gentle voice and peaceful demeanor throughout the video, we are at peace wading through uncharted waters. 

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