I love writing about music for reasons too numerable to comprehend. I’ll say, though, that the best part is the flood of new music that I’m exposed to. It can actually be a bit daunting sometimes. Coworkers, editors, promoters, managers and bands are more than eager to provide material. Despite the quantity, I rarely hear an EP or an LP that could be defined as bad. That’s a blessing and a curse, because good bands can get lost in a sea of parody. When everything sounds pretty good, everything tends to sound the same as well. That may not be a fair way to be exposed to a new record, but it’s a reality that would be dishonest to ignore.

A positive side effect of said curse is the amplification of a ‘wow’ record. After hearing a bunch of pretty good stuff, you kind of keep waiting for something to just blow you off of your feet. It doesn’t happen often but man, when it does, hell yeah.

“Satan is a Vampire” is the first track off of Fierce Creatures’jaw-dropping EP I Mostri Feroci , and it is a doozy. Right from the get go, the 7-piece group from Fresno, CA flaunt their ability to create a transcendent and unified theme in a wonderfully diverse composition. Strangely, this song sounds completely new and original, yet familiar influences (Cults, Los Campecinos, Arcade Fire) shine beautifully through.

A great second track is absolutely key for a record to win you over immediately. The guitar breakdown right after the intro on “Phantom Athletes” is the precise moment where Fierce Creatures establish themselves as the real fucking deal. The lead and backing vocals are gorgeous individually or as a whole, and the guitar work is simply outstanding.

The three tracks that follow are equally excellent, all for reasons completely their own. This self described art-pop band has put together a magnificent EP. If Fleetwood Mac, Of Montreal, The Shins and The Ventures had a baby in rock heaven, I think this is what it would sound like. Fierce Creatures have created something truly special. They are currently playing shows in their native California, but I’d be first in line to see them should they decide to head east. I Mostri Feroci, one of the finest EP’s that I have heard in years, is available for streaming and purchase directly through the bands myspace page.

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