#FF is a weekly series of posts from The Wild Honey Pie where we suggest one music-related person for you to follow on Twitter and tell you why they’re so great.

It’s no surprise that former SNL cast member Jenny Slate (@jennyslate25) is hilarious on Twitter.  The chick who co-created Marcel the Shell with Shoes On tweets a mix of jokes and hilariously dry observations. From thoughts on the pubic hair of people with dreadlocks to pictures of texts from her fiancé, the tweets are always giggle worthy. She tweets often, several times per day, though if you don’t also follow her comedy partner Gabe Liedman (@gabeliedman) you’ll be missing out on the hilarious back and forth between the two besties.

This is the actual valentine I got from my fiancée, @DFLEISCHERCAMPyfrog.com/objojzglj

— jenny slate (@jennyslate25) February 15, 2012

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