Fall Driving Playlist: Gray Day Parade

Gray Day Parade is the perfect cozy companion for careful driving on the gloomiest of fall days. Amongst the sky’s opaque canvas of black and white, drops of rain sliding down your windshield are an almost welcomed nuisance and an oddly comforting sign that sweater weather has once again returned. It’s the kind of atmosphere that makes traveling down the road a melancholy dream and we’ve made playlist of heartfelt emotions to match. Slow, steady and more aiming for survival than winning the race, these enchanting tracks swaddle pain and uncertainty in warmth of guitar strums and swaying melodies. Roll up your windows and let them drown your whole car in sympathetic sadness.

This is part one of a two part playlist.


1. #1 Dads – Camberwell

2. lowercase roses – Boys

3. The Saxophones – Best Boy

4. The Loners – The F Word

5. Lomelda – Columbia River

6. Cut Worms – Like Going Down Sideways

7. Andy Shauf – Martha Sways

8. Tiny Little Houses – You Tore Out My Heart

9. Angel Olsen – Those Were The Days

10. Julia Jacklin – Hay Plain

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