Fall Driving Playlist: Golden Ride

One of the best parts about fall is the earth’s color palette. Reds, oranges, and yellows consume the trees and, not long after, every open inch of ground. As the days get shorter, the setting sun embellishes the clouds in muted tones of the same colors seen most vibrantly this time of year. Combined, they form the all-consuming beauty of a long fall drive at sunset. There’s nothing like crunching though leaves with your tires while you carve down a hillside grove just as the sun touches the horizon line. Such a rush of nature’s best hues deserves an exhilarating soundtrack, and we’ve made just that for you. Every minute of surging guitar and dynamic pop has a hint of golden sheen and a certain sense of sweet release. So go on, take a Golden Ride… and blast these tunes from every speaker.

This is part two of a two part playlist.


1. Gretta Ray – Drive

2. The Pretty Littles – Man Baby

3. Scotdrakula – Skeleton Fever

4. Haggert McTaggert – Landmines

5. LVL UP – The Closing Door

6. Space Mountain – Never Lonely

7. Jay Som – Peach Boy

8. Big Thief – Humans

9. Weaves – Stress

10. Ratboys – Have A Heart