Explore Intimacy in Whitney’s Video for ‘No Matter Where We Go’ [Video]

A couple’s perception of romance largely depends on the couple experiencing it. For many, romance is heavily based in sexuality — the bonds of trust and passion created between two people in the heat of the moment. For a large number of others, though, romance is based on intimacy — trust and passion as well, but built up through little actions and movements that occur when two people interact on a consistent basis. This form of romance is what Whitney’s new video for “No Matter Where We Go,” off of their upcoming album, Light Upon The Lake, takes care to shine light on, showcasing the little moments in the daily life of couples.

Although these people are often in their bedrooms, the video avoids overt sexuality with its sweetness — a foot sticking out of a bed sheet in the morning light and a thumb brushing over a hand are made more important than a steamy kiss. The lyrics are equally saccharine, with the chorus “I wanna take you out/I wanna run around/With the windows down/And we can drive all night” suggesting that above all else, the lovers want to enjoy each other’s company, no matter what form it takes. Light Upon the Lake, the band’s debut album, is out June 3 on Secretly Canadian, and their album release shows are taking place June 3 at Baby’s All Right (sold out) and June 4 at Market Hotel (nearly sold out).

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