Exitpost’s ‘Birthmark’ is Breezy, Calm Beauty [Stream]

Wooden chimes billowing in the wind like smoke, pulsating minimalistic drums puncturing the air, needling out Bay Kee’s wispy, ethereal vocals. Not yet a minute, and these vocal lines layer a three-hundred count dreamy textural maturity into the song with their repetition: “I saw a birthmark on your skin/ even though no one noticed it”. With unforgivable ease, Exitpost’s lead single “Birthmark” envelops you in champagne colored cotton sateen.

Drawing from his recent formulation of Japanese influences (read: samples amassed from his Grandmother’s record collection in Tokyo), New York City based musician Ken Herman evokes a bewilderingly pop sensibility in his new EP, Nami. His rich sound has been groomed under the tutelage of plunderphonic expert Nick Zammuto, whose work with Paul de Jong in The Books is responsible for some of 2000’s most acclaimed sampling. Quite like its title, Nami (Japanese for ‘wave’) ripples with a calming assurance that valorizes modern minimalism with its accessibility.

Nami will be available via Newlywed Records digitally and as a limited edition photo book.

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