Ethan Gruska Shares New Track, ‘Reoccurring Dream’ [Premiere]

There’s a certain closeness to Ethan Gruska’s newest song, “Reoccurring Dream.” The guitar work and vocal delivery feel effortless — more an intimate, earnest performance than something overthought and immaculately produced. That’s not to say that the song itself isn’t beautifully constructed and recorded. It just feels more natural, with a certain texture that only comes when a recording manages to truly capture a track’s underlying sentiment. And that sentiment is certainly a heartbreaking one — Gruska’s mourn feels like an unexpected punch to the gut, serenely delivering the anxiety and sadness that spring from an insecure relationship. Lost in a series of dreams where the one you love doesn’t want you back.

With guitar contributed from the incredible Blake Mills and other stellar LA performers, Ethan Gruska’s upcoming album, Slomotionary, out March 3 on Sire Records, is definitely one to check out. If you’re in LA, also be sure to catch his show at the Troubadour on March 29. In the meantime, hit play on “Reoccurring Dream” above.

  • Rockshot Magazine

    Brilliant songs

  • JusBe

    This album is a must have! His tone is striking, melodies entrancing, and lyrics poetic.

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