Sometimes when we hear about a band getting ready to release their 4th album, we’re like “but, didn’t you just finish your 3rd?”. It’s always a nice surprise to have more new music, especially when it’s from a band like this one. Eternal Summers, the spunky indie rock trio hailing from Roanoke, VA, is who we’re talking about. Their 4th LP, Gold and Stone, will drop on June 2nd and we have a teaser track for you now.  “Together or Alone” starts with fast energy, steady melodies, and light and airy vocals. Halfway through the song this group mixes it up a bit and provides different sonic effects and textural sounds to give a more intense, manic mood to match the lyrics. Lyrics that showcase a relationship that is dead, even if it is still intact: How long until you’re gone?/I used to want to/be with you right or wrong. Check it out and get ready for more new music from these three!

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