Enjoy the Sweet Sounds of Oh Pep!’s ‘Wanting’ [Video]

November 16, 2016 Comments Off on Enjoy the Sweet Sounds of Oh Pep!’s ‘Wanting’ [Video]

The sweet sounds of Australian duo Oh Pep!, made up of Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs — the “Oh” and “Pep” of the band, respectively — are your perfect fall soundtrack. The illustrious, bubbly vocals of this selection from their debut studio LP, Stadium Cake, will leave you “wanting” more (pun intended).

Oh Pep! offer a unique depth that makes them hard to categorize — combining their lilting vocals with intricate lyrics backed by mandolin and synth, they fall somewhere on the folk-pop spectrum. “I went down to the rocky shore/ You were standing in the water, you were wanting more/ I lost my footing when I jumped right in/ To get to you, I had to swim,” they sing on “Wanting,” and from the tour footage featured in the video above, it seems as if Oh Pep! is eager to reach out and find their place in our ears and hearts.

Stadium Cake is out now on Dualtone Music. Oh Pep! have upcoming tour dates in Ireland and Australia, but here’s hoping they find their way back to the US soon.

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