Enjoy Lulu James’ Cascading, Effervescent Track ‘Falling’ [Stream]

Lulu James’ “Falling” is a harmonically spacious track. Minimal house and electronic production line the bottom of the piece, while Lulu James’ harmonies effervescently explode and fold out as the song progresses. James’ voice harkens back to Whitney Houston’s adept vocal power and control in “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and  Robyn’s cheekiness in  “Dancing on my Own”. Like the aforementioned artists, James is clearly having fun making music — her voice is literally bursting with excitement. “Falling” captures her contagious joy and spreads it around so that we too find ourselves up on our feet, dancing around the room. A strong beat and cascading synths make the track a bit futuristic, but compounded by Lulu James’ powerfully airy vocals, it’s the perfect touch of the past and future.

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