Emily Donohue ‘It Doesn’t Matter, I Love You’ is Simply Sweet [Premiere]

Emily Donohue’s rich voice does some seriously heavy lifting on her newest track “It Doesn’t Matter, I Love You.” The track is sweet and simple through out, a lovely little love ballad that could easily be background music if not for the depth of emotion and luxuriousness of Donohue’s singing. She’s able to captivate and articulate perfectly, creating a sweet lazy-river-esq love song that is perfect to warm up these cold nights. Of the track, she says:

“It Doesn’t Matter, I Love You” is a love song I wrote to my partner. As saccharine as it sounds, we write notes to each other in the mirror every day. On this particular day, we’d just had a fight, and feeling quite terrible afterwards, I wrote “it doesn’t matter, I love you.” What was initially meant to be a silly way of apologizing turned into a moment of lyrical inspiration which generated one of my favorite and most honest songs. The song is fairly simple, but I think some of the best love songs are.”

We couldn’t agree more – it’s a lovely, simple track that we’ll have on repeat for some time to come.