Elohim Takes a Sonic Journey With New Single ‘Skinny Legs’ [Stream]

April 17, 2017 Comments Off on Elohim Takes a Sonic Journey With New Single ‘Skinny Legs’ [Stream]

LA artist Elohim is back with a powerful new single “Skinny Legs.” She had us hooked with her debut track “She Talks Too Much,” and continues to deliver unique sounds from the deepest cracks and corners of her universe. This new single deals with a battle of mind vs. body, beginning with what seems like rain or static, followed by an urgent electronic beat that fills itself out with snaps and crunchy synths. Elohim is extremely versatile with the use of her voice in this song — the main vocal line is both sung and spoken at the same time, as if they are two separate entities in conversation. The song brings us moments of panic, moments to dance to, and moments to lie down and meditate on.  It ends with the repetition of the phrase “all we are is all we are”, a reminder that being human means grappling with these many conflicting sides, and that there is some beauty within that.

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