Elijah Noll Dazzles Us With Otherworldly Track ‘Ride’ [Stream]

Over the past couple years, it seems like the hottest trend in music has been sprinkling electro-inspired spices on the cuisine of each genre, resulting in cross-genres like electro-pop, elecro-indie, electronic rock…the list goes on. 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist Elijah Noll brings this modern sound to R&B, and, while it’s not the most original or awe-inspiring idea, it works. The Chicago native’s dreamy, other-worldly new single, “Ride,” features smooth, Miguel-like vocals and a slow, sticky beat, not to mention brief spurts of what Nerdist aptly calls “siren-like synthesizers.” The lyrics speak of an unwaveringly loyal girl who “said she’s gonna ride with me/even when I’m broken down.” The result is undeniably seductive, paving the way for Noll to take over The Weeknd’s role as provider of infinite pop-influenced R&B songs for the bedroom. 

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