Elijah Blends Acoustic and Electronic to Make ‘Wild Child’ [Premiere]

Elijah’s new single, “Wild Child,” begins by drowning your ears in an auditory blur of guitar reverberation and subdued instrumental resonance, then gently leads you into a simple yet catchy guitar riff and heavy synth cadence. Reflected in lyrics like, “Well, my love, are you scared? Well, I’ll try. Do you care? Am I the wild child in disguise again? Oh, my love don’t let me in,” Wolf combines sonic ambiguity with a certain disconcerted confidence. The song has a sound that’s distinctly different from Wolf’s other singles — it’s much less electronic and more acoustic, but it doesn’t lose the rhythmic synth beats that are so familiar to his music. “Wild Child” certainly attests to Elijah’s impressive musicality and his ability to seamlessly connect the acoustic with the electronic. Stream the single above, pre-order his EP, Annie, out August 5 here, and read below for more from Elijah.

“Wild Child” is one I’ve been working on for awhile now. It’s the oldest of all these songs. It’s also a very personal one to me, about a very specific person and series of events. This is a song about coming to terms with something ending, & facing the weirdness that love often brings after the feelings begin to fade. It’s also about trying to make something work that you know won’t, in the end. I wrote it in mid summer, deep in the Catskill Mountains in the house I grew up in. It took me awhile to show anyone this song.

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