Edelweiss Leans Into Emo Nostalgia with ‘Cookies & Brownies’ [Premiere]

We feel pretty hard for Edelweiss after hearing their single “Species” and it’s incredible grungy style. With their newest track the PA group leans into the type of pop-punk/emo sounds that they grew up with, mixing it with their own asthetic. “Cookies & Brownies” goes hard into a up-beat melodic guitar line, while a chugging percussion and those perfectly Sunny Day Real Estate vocals keep the track firmly rooted in the garage of days past.

The video features the band performing with so much energy that it seems to be breaking the camera. It’s simple, hypnotizing and just a little abrasive – just like the band. Check out the video for “Cookies & Brownies” above and be sure to grab their amazing new EP Philadelphia out now.

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