Edelweiss Burst With Perfect Guitar Fuzz on ‘Species’ [Stream]

Edelweiss- Species

Three-man band Edelweiss deems themselves as post punk revival and have done an impressive job marking this title as true with new track “Species.” The track hosts raspy vocals, grungy electric guitar and heavy drumming that produce irresistible melodies suited for head nodding and knee drumming. The new wave garage rock tones and punk attitudes beam with high energy through infectious drops into each chorus. 

“Species” takes a unique approach by eliminating initial song buildup and immediately dropping into the chorus. The track simmers mildly during verses and resigns entirely for a half-second before dropping back into the second chorus, and with the type of chorus you sit and wait for, Edelweiss‘ jabs of danceable hooks pour out mischievous and rebellious undertones signature to the punk rock movement. This distinct approach and sound to “Species” has it set up to be a distinct hit. 

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