DYAN Capture Unease and Destruction with New Video for ‘Looking for Knives’ [Premiere]

Today, we’re thrilled to be premiering the music video for DYAN’s “Looking for Knives,” the title track from their debut album. The trio have offered up something simple, but powerful — a breathtaking and poignant journey through destruction and decay. The song itself is about expectations missed and desires unsatisfied, as lyrics like, “And I wanted a raise / And I got a parade / And they gave me a picture of the mess I’d make,” rest with perfect unease on staccato beats. As each broken wall and severed fixture reveals itself, all from the perspective of a faceless wanderer, the clipped instrumentation offers an even more mysterious undertone to the already enigmatic scene. All this leads to a volatile conclusion, as disjointed saxophone plays while the video’s lead character adds to the building’s ruin, perhaps adding to the ruin of her own life. Enjoy above, and be on the lookout for new music from the band next week!

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