Dwntwn Release Shimmering ‘Bloodshot Eyes’ [Stream]

Dwntwn’s shimmering single “Bloodshot Eyes” arrives from the west coast complete with a music video bathed in pastel hues. Propelled by the duet of Jamie Leffler and Robert Cepeda, the band’s urban sound collects the best elements of The Naked and the Famous, Chvrches, School of Seven Bells, and Wild Nothing. But it would be reductive to regard this track as just more fun in the sun.

The video’s absurdist vignettes displace its subjects while adding a glossy sheen to the melancholic lyrics. “Eyes” speaks to the confusion baked into some relationships, delivering distress via pop, literally evoked by the video’s heavy use of bubblegum. Lyrics like the chorus’ “holy ghosts and bloodshot eyes” are enigmas, and bits like “your kiss keeps me up all night” are immediately followed by a pronouncement that the sun won’t ever shine. And yet, the song’s undeniably energetic synth leads and beat are cathartic, as if the solution was just a rooftop dance party away.

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