Dutch Party Deliver a Perfect Mixture with Astral Nights [Stream]

Dutch Party – Paper Moon

When I listen to Dutch Party’s newest EP, Astral Nights, I hear similarities to Vampire Weekend, but others have claimed that their sound is reminiscent of Beck, Spoon or even Regina Spektor.  These comparisons alone say two things: they make rock with a spunky sound and they have ‘it’. We may not be able to define what ‘it’ is exactly, but all we really need to know is that it’s enjoyable and engaging.

“Paper Moon” leads off the EP and sets the tone just right. “Storm of the Century”, the next track, is the perfect mixture of sassy tone, upbeat cadence and intriguing rhythms. The song reaches hearts with lyrics like, “Miss your eyes/miss your lips/miss your hand/miss your hips.” It’s not a sappy love song though — rather one that expresses what every long-distance lover wants to hear.

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