Drug Pizza’s ‘No Reaction’ Is As Awesome As Their Name Suggests [Stream]

I’m pretty sure this group of youngsters has pulled a fast one on me, and I’m okay with that. Upon hearing the name Drug Pizza, I promptly went, “NOPE,” but on the inside I was screaming for them to be worthy of name name so silly, yet so genius. Turns out they totally are, and I’m happy to say that band members Madeline, Miguel, Zoe and Henry have brought me to the altar of Drug Pizza.

Their upcoming release, Return to Content Mountain is out later this month, and the lead single, “No Reaction”, is a blistering garage jam. The lyrics are simple but so emotive. The only complaint I have is that its not loud enough, but its perfect for fans of Radiator Hospital, Girlpool and Chastity Belt. Cuz damn, these folks know how to wail. I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for us on Return to Content Mountain.

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