Dilly Dally Rocked Till They’re Sore At The Bootleg [Photos]

Photos by Allegra Rosenberg

Toronto quartet Dilly Dally are currently making a scene with their howling, aggressive debut album Sore, which came out last month. On the heels of that fantastic new release, they played their first-ever Los Angeles show at the Bootleg theater last week to an enthusiastic crowd. Frontwoman Katie Monks let loose a torrent of heart-wrenching and impressive vocalizations, as the band plowed through much of the new material from Sore, including standout tracks “Purple Rage” and “The Touch”.

Wearing a METZ shirt, Monks performed with a visceral ferocity, her eyes rolling back into her head as she shrieked above the transcendent cacophony of the band’s perfected instrumentation. The occasional exchanged glance with guitarist Liz Ball enforced the deep connection between the musicians, enhancing the driving rhythms provided by drummer Benjamin Reinhartz and bassist Jimmy Tony. They capped off their set with their memorable lead single “Desire”, and after their exceedingly loud set the room’s quiet was quite a shame.

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