Dilly Dally Gives An Intense Treatment To Drake’s ‘Know Yourself’ [Stream]

Toronto quartet Dilly Dally have been tearing it up worldwide these past few months. They released their debut album Sore to rave reviews, and their live show has been making an impression in every city they’ve been through— we checked them out in Los Angeles and were blown away. The band’s harsh melodies made them a band to watch, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Dilly Dally’s most recent accomplishment is their excellent cover of Drake’s modern classic “Know Yourself”, which they debuted on Vulture last week to celebrate the new year. The best covers are the ones that completely rework the song in the band’s image without losing the original energy, and their version definitely falls in that category. Katie Monk’s intense vocals spectacularly energize Drake’s lyrics, with the famous “running through the 6” line given new, ear-splitting life. The rest of the band transforms the minimal trap beat of the original into a scorching punk instrumental, rounding out the song and earning it a place on everyone’s best covers playlists.

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