Diet Cig are Done with Being Chill on ‘Link in Bio’ [Stream]

Sometimes all you need is two minutes to make your point. Diet Cig’s “Link in Bio” blends Le Tigre’s Riot grrrl sensibilities, The Sundays’ sunkissed tones, and the strict economy of punk music. Finally, a feminist anthem for the internet generation. With songs like “Tummy Ache” and “Barf Day,” Diet Cig know how to have fun while exploring and mastering the sub-three minute format.

“I’m done with being a chill girl / I’m trying to take over the world,” Alex Luciano sings right before gritting the words “Don’t. Tell. Me. To calm down” through her teeth, talking to a obstinate boyfriend or parent. Brash yet infectious, this tune will have you telling the world to fuck off. In fact, these words carry the song out.

Hear their album Swear I’m Good at This now — not that we questioned it for a second.

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