Not enough people know who Denaun is, and they should. They will soon, since he is such an incredible triple, no — quadruple — threat in the music world. Denaun AKA Mr. Porter, who used to be known as Kon Artis in D12 is a legendary producer, MC, and singer. He is also Eminem’s hype man and close friend who has been instrumental in his career. Now, finally, he’s stepping into the forefront with his Stuff in My Backpack  EP on May 7th.

Denaun is a versatile artist for sure, and his amazingly eclectic beats bring that home. The beat for “Heartbroken” is reminiscent of some of his work on his Porter Chops Glasper EP, a mostly instrumental work that came out a few years ago, on which he meticulously used only jazz great Robert Glasper samples. “Heartbroken” finds Mr. Porter and Young Roc — a charming MC and sharp lyricist from Denaun’s native Detroit, signed to Porter’s My Own Planet imprint — trading verses and relatable messages about relationships with women over a buttery smooth synth and rhodes. Mixed in is a chopped up vocal sample and some classic high hat and snares that drive the tune making it rotate and move like the rims that rotate in the Motor City. It’s hard to imagine anyone “love famished” over such a beautiful rhythm. The single and its spiffy black and white video are very creative and polished. We can’t wait to hear the full EP and more from Denaun in 2015.

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