Day Wave’s Headcase EP is Disarming and Introspective [Stream]

Day Wave – Drag

Day Wave is the creation of Oakland, California based Jackson Phillips, who previously worked as part of the pop project Carousel. Instantly welcoming and embracing you in its aura of chill, Headcase, his debut EP, features Carousel’s sparkling beats and effervescent vocals, but with a lo-fi quality all its own.

This immediate sense of peppiness, though, doesn’t translate to an EP expounding on happiness (or lack thereof) at every turn. Featuring lyrics such as “What are we good for?/Somebody tell me/ I don’t know anymore,” “do what I want and I still want more” and “I don’t feel right anymore/ that’s okay/ you’re just the same,” Phillips unabashedly probes the subtle shades of self-doubts and insecurities that linger and tickle. The cunning mixture of introspective lyrics with warm background vocals, synths and bubbling percussion is perhaps the most disarming and exciting feature of the album.

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