Day Wave Played a Sold Out Show to Mercury Lounge [Photos]

Photos by Makena Cummings

Last week, the five members comprising Day Wave’s live band ripped through songs from his recently-released EP, Headcase, at a thoroughly sold out Mercury Lounge. Juxtaposing buoyant yet multi-dimensional guitar riffs and sharp percussion with slightly darker, self-depricating lyrics, Jackson Phillips proved that there’s more energy and depth lurking below the surface of his lo-fi recordings. While the sound at times felt slightly muddy, the excellent backing harmonies from Phillips’ touring members filled out the vocals nicely, leading to some excellent high points during the set.

With the bass parts slightly more distinctive live than on the recordings, Day Wave truly began to sound like a product of Joy Division’s transition into New Order  — a fact made all the more obvious as the band launched into a damn good cover of “Ceremony” towards the end of the set. While not every song they performed seemed destined to be a certified hit, the new talent and his band left everyone in attendance eagerly anticipating what would come next.

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