Daughter Gave a Quiet, Moving Performance at Showbox [Photos]

Photos by Eric Tra

British folk rockers, Daughter, gave an unbelievable performance to a sold-out crowd last Friday at Seattle’s Showbox at the Market concert hall. Opener Wilsen began the night with a moving performance full of dreamy songs woven together with sleepy folk melodies. Led by Tamsin Wilson, Wilsen’s set featured a collection of familiar songs from their previous album and EP, Sirens and Magnolia respectively. The highlight of the opening performance, however, was hearing Wilsen’s latest single “Centipede”, a poignant tune steeped in layered echoing vocals and a delicate combination of reverberating stringed instrumentation and subdued drum beats.

As the lights dimmed for Daughter’s set, the stir of the audience quickly hushed in anticipation. Shortly after the band took their positions, a guitar twang emerged from the darkness and gave way to the opening crescendo of “How”, a single off of their latest album Not to Disappear. The band continued on with a 14 song set that included songs such as “Tomorrow”, “Home” and “Numbers”. Lead singer, Elena Tonra’s ability to captivate the audience was felt most in the closing lyrics to “Do the Right Thing”, as the room fell still and she quietly sung: “Let the picture soak…” Moments after the song ended, the once still audience now roared with applause. The show concluded with the song “Fossa” and a haunting performance of “Made of Stone”. Get your tickets quick, shows for this tour are selling out fast!

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