Dang Clets Offer a Summery Sheen with ‘Lines’ [Premiere]

Enveloped in smooth falsetto and a jangly descending guitar line, “Lines” exhibits a gentle pull. The dreamy debut by Dang Clēts feels like a breezy afternoon spent next to the beach, buoyed by strong pop sensibilities and shimmering synth lines.

The track exhibits a seasoned mix of psychedelic nostalgia and fresh production choices, which makes sense coming from a band who has lived, breathed, and created under the same roof for the past two years. Band members James Forward, Jake Mills, and Connor Cunningham met in college and developed their sound as members of the Boston-based Waldo, winning Battle of the Bands at Tufts University and opening for both The New Pornographers and Childish Gambino. Since graduating, the members have taken both those experiences and two years of careful cultivation to stir up this whimsical alt-rock, which hits somewhere between Hoops and Mac DeMarco, with a side of summery sheen. We’re honored to premiere the exciting debut of this promising new band, and can’t wait to hear what Dang Clēts come up with next.

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