D I A M O N D S Dig Deep on Lovesick Debut Single ‘My White Diamond’ [Stream]

Existential pop rock quartet D I A M O N D S fall somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths, captivating listeners with their lovesick lyricism and hypnotic narratives. Their debut single “My White Diamond” solidifies the bands romantic affiliation with the gemstone, comparing the object of their affection to its precious and rare qualities. The track blasts out of the speakers with a series of passionate invocations from lead singer Joseph Gárate and continues at toe tapping 100+ bpm. Just when you think it might disintegrate, the band pulls on the reigns and rides the relentless rhythm into a glorious climax complete with Jeff Buckley-esque trills. With only one song to their name, D I A M O N D S showcase the innate ability to transcend the confines of genre and deliver nostalgic yet pure post punk that’s as flawless as its namesake.


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