Controller Make Power Pop For NYC State of Mind [Premiere]

Let’s be honest — we’ve been floating in the realm of synth-pop for quite a while. Right when we’re starting to feel the fatigue of those light, airy and vacuous sounds, though, here comes the swift slap of Controller’s No Future EP. They have everything from the shattering guitars of “Flame” to the power-pop jewel that is “Midnight Man”. Controller has the sweet ease of the pop-punk we grew up with, and a little bit of sleeze to match. The EP if full of tracks meant just as much for dancing as for raging. On the EP, singer Jon Bellinger says:

“The songs on this record came out of those first few years living in New York City, when just trying to get by here was horrible and hard and amazing and incredibly romantic, all at once. Everything seems possible but you’re totally broke and you’re making all these terrible relationship decisions, and you’re questioning  who you are and where you’re going but it’s totally exhilarating and incredibly free. We tried to capture that blend of darkness and joy and fear and optimism in these songs, so for us, this is a very personal record, and a record of that time in our lives for us and our friends.

We’re super-inspired by the city and the people around us, so for the album’s sound, we tried to cook the city’s weird, creepy dark energy and manic enthusiasm into the scuzziest, sleaziest sounding pop record we could make. These are songs for going out drinking and doing things you probably shouldn’t, but also for the wistful early morning cab ride home.”

They succeeding, making a collection of songs as dirty and fun as the city itself. Check the EP above, and be sure buy it now!

  • Chris Kooluris


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