Consequence and Lupe Team Up on the Energetic and Soulful ‘Countdown’ [Stream]

Consequence and Lupe Fiasco feat. Chris Turner – Countdown

“I honestly could listen to this song all day,” were my first thoughts when I finally heard “Countdown” in full on Consequence’s Soundcloud page. The legendary Queens MC, along with one of Chicago’s finest spitters, Lupe Fiasco, really came through and delivered after weeks of short video teasers on their respective Instagram accounts. Joined by singer Chris Turner, who elevates the track with his clean and poignant vocals, “I just keep counting / I just keep counting away,” Consequence and Mike Cash’s fluid production on this track is intricate, refreshing, jazzy and smooth all at once.

Never shy on the mic, Consequence raps with his usual authority and assertiveness, “So watch who you pinch with them crab claws / cuz Safe Flight won’t come to fix a glass jaw,” while Lupe, as always, surprises and amazes with his fascinating wordplay. Not only is this track very invigorating, but it’s also exceptionally inspiring to see such talented artists collaborate. I know I definitely want to hear more from everyone involved on this excellent cut!

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