Conner Youngblood Makes Old New Again With Re-Release of ‘A Summer Song’ [Stream]

“A Summer Song” is a re-release from Conner Youngblood’s first 2012 album Sketches, but the track still feels as fresh as if it were written yesterday. Conner Youngblood creates an atmospheric and longing ode to the summer on this Counter Records released track. Almost poking fun at the trope of a “summer song,” though, the track manages to simultaneously evoke the loneliness and laziness that represent the less romanticized realities of summertime. “A Summer Song” swoons and sways whimsically, as though moving with a summer breeze.

Youngblood is a layering expert, piecing together individual musical elements to create an intricate masterpiece. The Dallas-born musician continues to surprise us with his multi-instrumental flair, seamlessly weaving harp, sweet and dainty piano and glitchy acoustic guitar in a way that feels effortless and intriguing. Be sure to check out Conner Youngblood’s newly released EP, The Generation Of Lift, for more magical tunes.

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