The other night I went to see Hot Chip at Terminal 5 and it was beyond amazing. They played a really solid selection of old favorites and new singles with a few fun mixes thrown in.  I made friends with this chill group of people next to me, and I have these vivid memories of shouting the lyrics to One Life Stand and One Pure Thought.  My favorite song of the night was by far their cover of Shakira’s She Wolf.

This is quite simply one of those songs that you want to listen live.  Online, it sounds like shit.  The sounds are really separate and the synth is all fucked up. I don’t know, the production quality is just bad — so I recommend seeing Hot Chip live if only to experience this damn good cover.

Over and Over turned the crowd into raving lunatics, of which I was happily one. As soon as we all latched onto those first few beats, the whole crowd seemed to stop and then break simultaneously break into this awesome slow pulsing rhythmic bob and sway. Moments precisely like that keep me going to shows week after week, and it takes a truly talented group to keep all three levels of a massive venue like Terminal 5 dancing the whole time.

Hot Chip makes epic party music that is really fun to experience in a room full of people. I’ve heard a lot of criticism about the lack of “performance” at a Hot Chip concert, but I completely disagree. They don’t have the freedom to bounce all over the stage or bust into some funky dance numbers, so I’m not really sure what people are asking for.   It’s like going to see Girl Talk or Crystal Castles; most people are here for some serious party time. There should be a disclaimer or something, because people will nudge, shove, and possibly even elbow you if you’re standing in the middle slow dancing with your boyfriend like this is a highschool prom. It’s called Ready For The Floor for a fucking reason!

The overall atmosphere at Terminal 5 was much more geared up for a night of wild dancing than usual, which I liked a lot. Hot Chip started later than the Florence and the Machine gig two weeks ago, which was awesome because it gave everyone a chance to party at the peak of their alcohol and/or drug use. I’m not sure who I’m going to see next at Terminal 5, but last night’s going be really hard to live up to.

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