Photos by Katie Karalis

This past Thursday, fans gathered together at Highline Ballroom for an acoustic performance by Company of Thieves from Chicago. The atmosphere of the venue was just wonderful — although the crowd was calm and relaxed, there was still great energy throughout the room. This wasn’t at all surprising, though, given that the evening’s three opening acts were excellent. First, Jonathan Dimitri from a band called State Lines played a few amazing acoustic songs. Then, Old Best Friend (Mike Comite) took the stage; I absolutely loved the sound of his music, and I wasn’t the only one. As I looked around the crowd, many seemed to be quite captivated. After, Von Grey, four sisters from Atlanta, played a lengthier set, and their energy and instrumentals were fantastic!

Finally, Company of Thieves took the stage! Genevieve Schatz, lead vocalist, and Marc Walloch, guitarist, charmed the audience with their raw sound, their passion and dedication easily shining through. They began their set by telling the crowd how excited they were to be in there and playing “Look Both Ways” off their newest album Running from a Gamble. This was my first time hearing COT perform an acoustic set, and I was quite honestly blown away. They played songs from both of their albums, surprising us with a few new songs, and even interacted with the crowd by holding a question and answer session about halfway through. What a great night! I’m truly looking forward to the next time Company of Thieves plays in NYC.

Company of Thieves

Von Grey

Old Best Friend

Jonathan Dimitri

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