After finding out about Coma Cinema (@comacinema) via their cover of Stone Roses’ “I Wanna Be Adored” late last year, the track made its way on some pretty awesome road trip playlists.  For some reason, however, I failed to write about the Columbia, South Carolina band until now.  It turns out that their cover track was just the beginning of it.

On March 15, Coma Cinema released a whopping 15-track LP entitled Blue Suicide.  Don’t be overwhelmed by its large tracklist, as the average song clocks in at about 2 minutes long making it just slightly longer than some EPs.  And that’s part of the reason I love it though!  We’re treated to the many sides of the band; the upbeat clap-filled “Whatevering”, female vocalist injected “Her Sinking Sun”, and tragic “Crystal Ball Broken”.  The majority of the tracks are rough around the edges and never overburdened with effects.

Coma Cinema’s gentle yearning is right up my alley; a perfect mix of gloomy rock, folk, and blues.  In fact, it’s exactly the opposite of the scary ass dog adorning the cover (above).   You can download the whole thing for free here, or if vinyl is you’re thing, you can buy Blue Suicide for $13 here.  And, of course, another fantastic music video from Tyler T Williams which premiered on Pitchfork.

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