I couldn’t go any longer without telling all of you, the WILD honey pie readers about one of my favorite musicians, Chris Frank. Chris, who recently graduated from NYU with a degree in philosophy, is not only an amazingly nice guy, but also an amazing songwriter (he also was a songwriter for his two previous bands, IY and New Neighbors, who you also should Google). I’ve seen Chris and his brother Hayden perform about 6 times at different NYC venues such as Sidewalk Café and the Studio at Webster Hall, and each time, they won me over with their deep, yet accessible songs.

Want to hear these poetic songs for yourself? Go to, and download Chris’ The Spring EP, which features 4 of my favorite songs by Chris. I could tell you my favorite, but I really don’t have one; I’ve listened to all of them a trillion times (however, I do get The Weekend and One by One stuck in my head at least 3 times a week). After listening to that awesome, soulful music, I’m sure you’ll want more Chris Frank. Well, I can give you more! Head over to, where you can hear tracks by Chris and his equally amazing brother Hayden. They describe themselves as “Hanson for sinners.”

Give their music a listen, and you’ll see why.  Download the EP by clicking here.

One By One – Chris Frank One By One – Chris Frank (Download)

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