Chick Quest Throw the Best Dance Party in ‘Savant Garde’ Video [Premiere]


With a video that spells out exactly what the song makes you feel, Chick Quest’s ‘Savant Garde’ could be the most perfectly descriptive music video that we’ve seen all year. The track is absolutely infectious form the get go, with the kind of bass guitar that would make Peter Hook proud and horns that add a skittish joy. The Vienna, Austria based band makes good on their stated inspirations of The Rapture and Ennio Morricone – the track is infinitely danceable while still being just jittery and strange, it’s post-punk for the internet age. Of the track the band says:

“If you’re looking for guitar solos, ‘timeless’ love songs, or climactic anthems, then you, good sir/madam, have come to the wrong place. Instead, this is a lesson in patterns and layers, form and restraint. And if you can’t dance to it, then that’s not the song’s fault.”

We could not agree more – check out the video above and get ready to get moving. Chick Quest’s new record Model View Controller comes out 2/24.