Chick Quest Bring a Robot to a Garage Party in ‘Brand New Crush’ Video [Premiere]

Here’s a fun fact: if you put a retro cardboard robot in something I will love it, almost without exception. So the first time I saw Chick Quest’s new video for ‘Brand New Crush’ it was love at first sight. Not only does the band deliver another solid track with, going more straight forward power-pop this time, but they prominently feature a cardboard robot dancing through out the video. It’s a wonderful mix of charming and grungy. Of the video the band says:

“Brand New Crush is a straight up garage rock song with lyrics that turn gender norms upside down on their heads. The video, however, takes it a bit further and strips the gender right out.”

Check out the video above and be sure to go listen to their new record Model View Controller, out now.

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