Chelsea Wolfe Embraces her ’90s Goth with Video for ‘Hypnos’ [Video]

Less than a minute into the new video from Chelsea Wolfe and I see three things: a distorted black and white video on an old TV screen, heavy black eye makeup and a large snake. Nine Inch Nails, is that you? What may sound like admonishment is actually a compliment — Wolfe has embraced her inner-’90s Goth with her video for “Hypnos”, but the song that soundtracks it is a lot softer than its ’90s alt-grunge imagery. Ms. Wolfe is one of those constantly evolving artists who seem to find new facets of their sound with every new release. “Hypnos” is dark and foreboding, but also much more soft and vulnerable than its ominous video suggests.

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