Celebrate National Pie Day with an Apple Pie Recipe Playlist

This past Saturday was National Pie Day! Not National Pi Day, which I confused it for because I’m bad at math, but an actual national day to support pie. And you thought Congress got nothing done. To celebrate in a way that didn’t involve eating so much pie we went into diabetic shock, we made a playlist that will help you bake a pie. It’s not just any pie either, it’s Martha Stewart’s Apple Pie — it’s wholesome, American and also really delicious. So fire up your oven, peel some apples and throw on some tunes.


The Ingredients:


Ty Segall – Apples


Ladytron – Sugar


Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne – Truffle Butter

Lemon Juice

The National – Lemonworld


John Legend – Nutmeg


The Notorious B.I.G. – I Love the Dough

The Instructions

1. Roll out the dough into two circles!

CHVRCHES – Never Ending Circles

2. Put one circle of dough in a pie pan!

Diarrhea Planet – Separations

3. Mix together the filling!

Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

4. Lay second circle of dough over the apple filling!

Bruce Springsteen – Cover Me

5. Put that sucker in the oven!

D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie

6. Eat that shit!

History of Apple Pie – Come Undone

Thanks Squarespace!